“Why should I become a member?”

As a member you become a partner with us in preserving and bringing to the community the stories and accomplishments of those who lived in our region. Working together today we can safeguards our community’s treasures to inspire future generations.

Choose a membership level that is right for you:
Senior and Student $20
Individual $25
Family $35
Supporter $50
Partner $75
Century Club $100

Download membership form and send your contribution to:

Western Illinois Museum
201 South Lafayette Street
Macomb, IL 61455

Make checks payable to Western Illinois Museum.

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Business Partners

The Business Partners program of the Western Illinois Museum builds alliances between the museum and local businesses.

The museum is a vibrant part of our community, showcasing what is unique and valuable in our region.   It connects and unites people around the history, ideas, and cultures of west central Illinois, building pride in what makes us an eclectic community.

Local businesses play an important role by supporting the programs and exhibits the museum presents.  The museum provides a valuable service to the community. Many of the local residents believe the museum adds to the quality of life in the community.  Supporting the Western Illinois Museum secures the future of the organization and communicates to the community that business owners are aware of the role the museum plays in keeping the region a vibrant place.

Business Partners may sponsor exhibits, sponsor programs, make annual contributions, or provide critical in-kind services.

Sponsor an exhibit:

  • Exhibition sponsors provide financial support for the organization and implementation of an exhibit.  Each exhibit brings unique challenges for presenting a variety of artifacts, communicating historical details and photographs, and planning relevant programs for visitors and students.  Support from a Business Partner directly impacts the quality of the exhibit and enhances the visitor’s experience.
  • Exhibition sponsors will have their business names listed in all promotional materials and on the sponsored exhibit wall panels.
  • Suggested contributions start at $100.

Sponsor a program:

  • Through its mission, the Western Illinois Museum affirms the belief that knowing the past gives hope and promise for the future of our community.  Exhibition related programs and events play a key role in the education of visitors of all ages.  Business Partner support for programs at the museum assists the museum’s efforts to bring compelling speakers and develop meaningful programs for the benefit of the community.
  • Program sponsors will have their business names listed in all promotional materials for that program.
  • Suggested contributions start at $100.
  • To select a program to sponsor see attached schedule.

Provide in-kind services

  • The Western Illinois Museum operates with one part-time staff member and over 50 volunteers.  Without the generosity of people offering their expertise, service and time, the museum would not remain a dynamic, growing organization.   In these challenging times, the gift of services and time provide a way for Business Partners to build customer loyalty and introduce new customers to their services or products.  Supporting the museum with in-kind products or services helps the museum maintain its operations and improve its ability to be a professional organization.
  • Suggested services include technology support, donation of equipment, signage and printing services, light construction for exhibits, and building maintenance work and providing work or materials needed for materials.

The museum honors all of its contributors, including Business Partners, on the museum’s Donor Recognition Wall commensurate with the following levels of contribution:

  • $500 – $999                       President Ulysses S. Grant
  • $1,000 – $4,999                  President John Adams
  • $5,000 – $9,999                  President Andrew Jackson
  • $10,000 – $24,999              President Thomas Jefferson
  • $25,000 – $49,999             President George Washington

The Western Illinois Museum is a 501 (c) 3 organization that relies on support from individuals and businesses.

Leon Clements Internship Fund

The Leon Clements Internship Fund provides financial support to young professionals who have chosen to dedicate their time and talents to Western Illinois Museum. This award is given to interns who have had an impact through their work with the museum and provides financial encouragement to those beginning their careers in the museum profession.

A nominee for the award should meet the following criteria:

  • A person who has worked under the supervision of the museum staff or a board member
  • A person who is seeking a career in museum studies, history or recreation, park and tourism administration, or related work
  • A person who is currently enrolled in or completed a degree program in the last six months
  • A person who has spent at least 100 hours in service to the museum

The decision to grant an award and the monetary amount is to be determined by the Board of Directors after assessing the interns work under the recommendation of the person supervising the intern.

No part of any contributions to this fund will be used for operating expenses or other museum expenses.

Rezab Family Preservation Fund

Volunteers Anna Bower and Jeff Holtz

Preserving our region’s history has been our passion for the last 40 years.  From the founding of the museum, the Rezab family has been a part of that mission, working to keep our treasures safe and available for future generations.  Gordana and Don Rezab were valuable partners in the museum’s exploration and study of artifacts and they helped us create a place where our history can be presented to the community.  With their generous gift and example, the Western Illinois Museum’s Board of Directors has established a fund in their name to continue the work of preservation they began.

The fund is set up to aid the museum in managing and building its collection.  Three areas are key to the fund’s goal: conservation, facility, and restoration.

Behind the Scenes program

Conservation: The proper handling and storage of artifacts are essential to preserving the museum’s artifacts.  Fund will be used to purchase archival materials that provide the best storage possible for the collection, as well as new acquisitions.

Facility: Environment is key to the ongoing care of the collection.  Fund will be used to continue to develop the best storage conditions as well as the exhibition space for the museum’s artifacts.

Restoration: Artifacts need their condition assessed and the inevitable damage repaired or stabilized.  Fund will be used to conserve artifacts that are at risk of being lost.

The fund is established to provide a way for contributors to provide support to the museum for its use in preserving its collection. As our collection grows, archival materials are needed to store artifacts. Museum quality boxes can cost $5 to $45 each, but are the best choice to protect the treasures that have been entrusted to us.

Making a contribution to the Rezab Family Preservation Fund will ensure that your money will be used to preserve artifacts in the collection.  Last year, donations helped purchase archival boxes for the growing clothing collection, as well as items in the museum’s archives.  With the help of volunteers, this year the museum’s housewares and personal accessory artifacts are targeted to be transferred to archival boxes and three sizes have been identified.  Contributions for any number of boxes will help more artifacts to be preserved for future generations.

Contributions to the fund can be made online using Paypal or download a response card to mail to the museum.

About Gordana and Don Rezab

Gordana was one of the original committee members who created the Western Museum (1973-74).  She was on the ground floor of its establishment as a teaching institution and with her experience as the archivist of the University Libraries, she was in constant contact with the Sherman Hall museum as well as the museum’s new location in downtown Macomb.  In addition to assisting with the collection and with training students, she researched and answered questions about people, local history, and artifacts.

Don was the architect who designed the new floor plans for the museum when plans were made to relocate it to a 1925 car parts store just off of Macomb’s Courthouse Square. Don had an eye for collecting, and when the Lark Movie Theatre was being demolished, he salvaged the decorative tile that is now in the museum’s lobby.

Gordana joined the board as chair of the Acquisitions Committee and helped form the collection policy.  She continued to help care for the collection and cataloged new acquisitions.  As an active board member, she found ways to help the museum establish itself in its new home such as instigating lettering on the outside of the building.