C.V. Chandler
C.V. Chandler

Charles Vilasco Chandler helped develop Macomb in the 19th century.

In fact, Chandler acquired land in town to develop a park and in 1879 he gave the city the square block that became Chandler Park.  He also funded a monument to honor the Civil War fallen, which was erected in 1899 and stands today on the west side of the park.

A major motive for the monument derives from his service in the Civil War. Chandler, born in 1843, joined the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. The unit was organized in Quincy and left the state for war on September 19, 1862. While in service, Chandler saw heavy combat duty. At the bloody Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863, he was wounded. He eventually had to resign from duty because of his wounds.

He returned to Macomb and became a prominent business leader in Macomb, replacing his father as president of the First National Bank of Macomb in 1878. Also, he chaired and funded charities and civic groups and was a strong supporter of the Grand Army of the Republic.

However due to a number of circumstances, Chandler became bankrupt and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, to live with his son. He died October 20, 1934.  However, his final resting place is in Macomb, buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Source: John Hallwas, Macomb: A Pictorial History