2015_danny_amos_smVolunteer Spotlight: Daniel Williams

What kind of volunteer projects have you been involved with at the Western Illinois Museum? Most projects I have been involved with at the museum are archives/collection management. I process and catalog documents and objects that came from Macomb locals who donated them to the museum. How long have you been volunteering and what keeps you coming back? I started volunteering at the museum during the fall semester in 2015. What keeps me coming back to the museum is the experience and training I develop every week. What do you enjoy most about volunteering at the museum? I decided to pursue a Master’s in Museum Studies at the WIU-Quad Cities Campus from the work experience I developed during the past year. I will be starting fall of 2018. I thought about the master’s program during the summer of 2015, and then I started volunteering at the museum during the fall of 2015. After a couple of semesters of volunteering in the museum, the Museum Studies plan was officially “green-lighted.”  As stated earlier, I work with archives and I decided to pursue a career with archives thanks to the work I’ve been doing with the museum. What benefits do you think preserving local history provides? One benefit is learning the actual local history. A town like Macomb might look like a “simple college town,” but from working with the museum I have learned interesting things that happened in Macomb, especially about the locals, almost every day. Why do you feel the museum is an important place to volunteer? I feel the museum is an important place to volunteer because you’ll get that “on the job” experience. It’s a small museum, but we all have to start somewhere. Is there a memorable volunteer experience that you would like to share? Honestly, the most memorable volunteer experience I have at the museum is every hour I’m volunteering because everyday I’m training for my future career on becoming an archivist.